The Roman Inscriptions of Britain. Volume II:1-8, Plus Epigraphic Indexes: Instrumentum Domesticum (personal Belongings and the like)

Stroud: Published for the Administrators of the Haverfield Bequest By A. Sutton. Item #041028
ISBN: 0862997755

1990-1995. 9 volumes complete, b/w illus., charts (some folded), dj, quarto format. Contents: Fasc. 1, kThe military diplomata; metal inigots, tesserae; dies; label; and lead sealings (RIB 2401-2411), edited by S. S. Frere, Margaret Roxon, and R. S. O. Tomlin. fasc. 2, Weights, gold vessel, silver vessels, bronze vessels, lead vessels, pewter vessels, shale vessels, glass vessels, spoons (RIB 2414-2420), edited by S. S. Frere, and R. S. O. Tomlin. Fasc. 3, Brooches, rings, gems, bracelets, helmets, shields, weapons, iron trade, baldric fittings, votives in gold, silver and bronze, lead pipes, roundels, sheets and other lead objects, stone roundels, and bone roundels, other objects of bone (RIB 2421-2441), edited by S. S. Frere and R. S. O. Tomlin. Fasc. 4, Wooden barrels, stilus-tablets, miscellaneous objects of wood, leather objects, oculists' stamps, wallplaster, mosaics, handmills, stone tablets, stone balls, stone pebbles, small stone votives, miscellaneous objects of stone, jet figurines, clay figurines, miscellaneous clay objects, artefixes, tile-stamps of Legion II Augusta, of Legion VI Victrix, of Legion IX Hispana, of Legion XX Valeria Victrix, tile stamps of the auxiliaries (RIB 2442-2480), editedb by S. S. Frere and R. S. O. Tomlin. Fasc. 5, Tile stamps of the Classis Britannica; Imperial, procuratorial and civic tile-stamps; stamps of private tilers, inscriptions on relief-patterned titles and graffiti on tiles (RIB 2481-2491), edited by S. S. Frere and R. S. O. Tomlin. Fasc. 6, Dipinti and graffiti on amphorae, dipinti and graffiti on mortaria, inscriptions in white barbotine, dipinti on coarse pottery, Samian barbotine or moudled inscriptions (RIB 2492-2500), edited by S. S. Frere and R. S. O. Tomlin with contributions by M. W. C. Hassell. Fasc. 7, Graffiti on Samian ware (terra sigillata) (RIB 2501), edited by S. S. Frere and R. S. O. Tomlin, with contributions by M. W. C. Hassall. Fasc. 8, Graffiti on coarse pottery cut before and after firing, stamps on coarse pottery, addenda and corrigenda to Fascicules 1-8 (RIB 2502-2505). [Fasc. 9] Combined epigraphic indexes and concordance with major printed sources, compiled by S. S. Frere.

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